MDS Audit Processing Codes

Audit Processing Codes
In MDS we have audit transactions that display for each process an operator performs.
Below are the processing codes and descriptions:

BV Bulk Verification
CB Consignment Billing
CBR Consignment Billing Return
CCE Credit Card Payment Entry
CHP Credit Hold Print (Credit Report)
CM Credit Memo Entry
CN Canceled
COE Consignment OE/Verification
CPR Order Confirmation Print
CRM Release Prev/Credit Release Maint
DSPOE Drop Ship Purchase Order Create
DSPOM Drop Ship Purchase Order Maint
EXP Lot Expiration Date Change
FRA Freight Audit Update
FRM Freight Carton Maintenance
HM Manual Hold Flag – Maintained
IMPOE Inv Mgt Purchase Order Create
IPR Invoice Print/Proforma Print
IU Invoice Update
IV One-Step Invoice
MPU Manual Pedigree Update
OE Order Entry/Work Order
OM Order Maint/Work Order Maint
OPR Order Print
PDSR PO Drop Ship Receipt
PF Proforma Entry
PFM Proforma Converted
PM Proforma Maintenance
POE Purchase Order Entry
POIU Purchase Order Intransit
POM Purchase Order Maint
POP Purchase Order Print
POR Purchase Order Receipt
PORA Purchase Order Receiver Adustment
PORWO Purchase Order Work Order
POUP Purchase Order Uploads
PP Production Posting
PPR Packing List Print
RAE Return Authorization Approval
RAP Return Authorization Print
RE Release Processing
REE Return Authorization Entry
REM Return Authorization Maintenance
RM Release Maint
RO Routing Posting
RRE Return Authorization Receipt
RV Revision of qty or item
SE Standing Order Entry
SO Standing Order Conversion
SP Specific Order Release
TRN Transfer Entry
VE Verification
VOID Invoice Void
WO Work Order
WOC Work Order Conversion

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